Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thank You!

A big thanks to everyone who has responded to the last post about helping Joe Frank McKee and his family recover from his studio fire. Extra thanks to John Britt for Sharing on the CLAY CLUB Blog and to Meredith Heywood and Tracy Broome for spreading it through their Blogs. Joe Frank's wife Kelly has posted about the fire here In addition to helping the family directly, the lovely and talented Alysha Baier is running an online auction to help out. You can view and bid at

Here is a quick photo update of what has been going on here.

Blondie is not intimidated by the return of the red menace.

 Six inches of the early spring that the Groundhog promised.

Turns out Brenda from Liberty Stoneware grew up near us.
This is for her to see how the river looks today. If you don't 
follow her blog you should.It's not big on daily doings but
when she publishes, she is very informative about kiln site
excavations and early firing practices. She also makes very 
nice traditional country stoneware.

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