Monday, March 25, 2013

Bad Blogger

This weekend I had the good fortune to help out at the Baum Pottery/Joe Frank McKee/Glenda Suttman Spring Kiln Opening sale. Joe Frank had come up from North Carolina to do Raku Demos and I was his assistant. He has been doing raku for over 20 years and does some wonderful things with horsehair, alcohol reduced matt copper glazes, and saggar fumed pots.This had been planned for months so I was glad that even with his studio fire a few weeks ago he was able to get away for the weekend. He sends his thanks to everyone for their help and good wishes.The generosity of folks in the broader clay community has been a God send to him and his family. They are not out of the woods yet but they are moving forward. Insurance should settle this week for the structure of the building and some relatively minor damage to the back of the house. A big part of the damage was his kiln which was not even involved in the fire but was in a structure directly behind the studio. It was destroyed by some overzealous firemen who blasted it with high pressure hoses. Not covered. Minerals and chemicals. Not covered. Hand tools some coverage but try to list every tool you had and produce a dated receipt for it. And so it goes. The crowd was good. Sales were strong. Everyone was happy with how well they did. The bad blogger part is that I did not have time to take any pictures. I also have trouble splitting my focus. When I go somewhere to take pictures, that's what I do. When I go somewhere to help that's what I do. I will try to gather some shots from other sources and get them up soon. Here is.the one picture I did get thank goodness this didn't show up until the day after the sale.

In other news, I am still enjoying Sunday night jam sessions with the Queen City Balladeers. I am even trying to join a couple of bands. I talked to Noah and the Counts but they already had enough no account pickers. My next try is going to be with Minnie Moore.She's always at the bottom of the program but she must play every festival in the country! Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. So glad to hear things are going well for Joe and his family, but how do you ever replace a potters tools? So impossible.... Sad


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