Friday, March 15, 2013

A Couple of Things

Regular readers ( not the "I eat Activia kind ") may recall that Tina gave me some branding for Christmas. Thanks for weighing in on what to choose. I have ordered a banner for the booth, some logo modifications, a new clay stamp,and some hats. I am also considering including some "care and use" cards or maybe a sign that includes the Logo, The subtitle  "'Traditional Country Pottery" and 4 descriptors.  I'm starting the brainstorm with Beautiful, Versatile, Durable.... I would really like for each of you to add at least one word to the pool then I will try to list them all for voting in another post. Who knows we might something you can use too, just not around Cincinnati.

Part, the second, a not really partisan political rant. Doing the right thing for the wrong reason or the wrong thing for the wrong reason depending on your point of view. Ohio Senator Rob Portman came out in favor of Marriage Equality this morning. Senator Portman is not the worst his party has to offer. He does no foam at the mouth and rewrite history to support his agenda. I have met him and he is actually a pretty nice guy. It is a pretty big deal for him to go against the party line and support this kind of social agenda. BUT...Did he do it because it was right for America? Did he do it because he felt the Constitution demanded it? Was he overwhelmed by his sense of fairness? Did he do it to stimulate the economy by increasing the number of weddings? No. His statement explained his change of heart was because last year he found out his son was gay and he wanted him to be allowed to marry. It makes me wonder. If his kids couldn't afford health insurance, would he be supportive of Obamacare? If they couldn't afford to go to college would he increase student loans? If the kids were environmentalists would Dad drop his support of Fracking ? We have a huge problem when right and wrong depends only on whose ox is getting gored. We need to remember to ask what we can do for our country as a whole instead of what can I do for those close to me.

Thank you. Now go back. Re-read the first part of this post and add a word in the comments section.I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. I still like fat free, wheat free, low carb, vegan friendly and break them and we'll make more.

    I like Pots for the table and or something you can use everyday.
    Simply good pots.

    Whoops - I have used too many words here are you going to fine me?

  2. Handmade

  3. Forgot:

  4. From my hands to yours
    I know it's more than one word, but it says it all.

  5. Not made in China, or made in the USA by a humble honest potter, or buy a pot and I'll sing you a song:)

  6. Brilliant Tracey. Buy a pot, I'll sing you a song. Buy two and I won't.

  7. Simply Functional
    Great idea Dennis!
    Pam W


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