Saturday, January 21, 2012


In the last week I have seen posts like" Why I Blog" and  "Because I Blog" and numerous insightful comments from readers across the globe. I feel that these topics have been pretty well covered and will try to confine my response to " Why You Should Blog".

You can be anyone you want. In reality, I am 35, slim, rich and irresistible to women. This persona of a 61 year old overweight balding guy is just to keep the groupies away. Those beautiful pottery shots? You can just cut and paste from the web. Who would know? Want some respect? Just talk about the great sales you have at shows . Sympathy and advice? Tell everyone you don't sell anything. Artsy elite? Just say you would never think of selling anything until after your death.Simple simple simple and you know it's true.

Since I have been doing this I have become friends with a couple of potters from the U.K. who seemingly raid museums at night and take pictures of pots to post on the web and claim as their own. There is a potter in North Carolina who posts video and audio clips of her "daughter" singing and playing guitar. I know nobody's kid could sound that good. Must be a download from some star's web site. No other explanation.There is a woman near Asheville who makes hundreds of test tiles, shares the "results" then cooks a gourmet dinner. Would anyone really do that? There is a woman who supposedly came from Australia to go to the same workshop 3 times in the States and take pictures to share for free on her blog. Unbelievable! She's probably from Pittsburgh. These are the kind of realities you can create if you have a blog.

That's one version. Another version is that if you blog you will inevitably meet the most generous amazingly talented people you will ever know. Some you will eventually get to know in person. Some will remain pen pals. All will add to the richness of your life. I have met people from all over the world through our little online community. I love to open up my comments and find one in Portuguese or Spanish. You will become part of a community that openly shares their hopes, dreams, joys and disappointments. You will have help solving what ever problem is on your front burner, be it pottery, kids, or a recipe. Every now and then, you might even vent a little bit about what bugs you or rant about the government. It's ok. If you are not sure you want to dive in head first, you can start joining in the conversation by clicking on the word "comments" at the end of this post and adding your 2 cents. As always, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wait, I thought you were Elvis!
    Such a great post and you are so right. I have met so many wonderful people, and just today got three beautiful bowls in the mail from Cape Cod!
    I too enjoy clicking on the comments to see what state or country has visited, I do miss the Japanese porn links though, they get filtered now.... sigh.
    But yes, it's true my daughter has a sweet little voice, no dubbing! I'm still skeptical about that June Perry though, she must drink a lot of red bull...that's all I'm saying :)

  2. Thanks for the welcome!
    It is good to share highs and lows, reassuring sometimes that problems are the same wherever you are...and get non-judgemental help and advice!!

  3. ps and i am really 32, tall, quite tall with the voice of an angel...just ask my husband-:)

  4. Red Bull??? Is that a winery I've yet to visit? :-)
    PS: It was chicken soup tonight for my ailing beloved. Test tiles will have to wait for a while.:-(

  5. great post.. now i don't feel so bad about not updating my blogger profile photo, i can stay forever younger and thinner in blog world!

  6. Hey, thanks everyone.This should give me about 6 months of goodwill so don't expect me to say anything nice about you for a while.

  7. great post, as so many of yours are. Now you've inspired me to try and post more often, Thanks


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