Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update and Quick Tip

I am throwing out (better than up) a couple of short things here because I have been at a loss for anything clever or interesting to say. It has been over a week since I posted about the land situation in East Tennessee so I'll start there. First a big thanks to Roger Jones, Mapping Supervisor for the State of Tennessee. I had spent a lot of time on the phone with him right after Christmas discussing our property's location. Roger sent me a huge set of aerial photos with parcel maps drawn on them for most of Scott county.He also included copies of the private acts of the State Legislature from 1850 to 1900. These acts essentially are modifications to county lines to include all of a landowners property in one county instead of two or three. I had asked for these because I had seen somewhere that my great grandfather Calvin  had received a private act but I could not find the details. Well, these documents show that in 1898 he had a modification done that moved the county line  from the big rock by the dogwood tree 1/2 mile due west to a stake and then  3/4 mile south west to rejoin the county line. There is still work to do but this may be the Rosetta Stone to figuring out how all 4 deeds fit together. The current maps don't show this deviation but it does explain how our Campbell County deeds look like they are in Scott County . Also that big rock in the county line shows up on 3 of our deeds and one of the neighbors deeds. The mystery starts to unravel.

OK here is a quick simple money saver. We all own bats to throw our pots on. Most of us own at least some black Plastibats. Like all bats, eventually the holes wear and the bat wobbles on the wheel.When this happens, clamp a newer plastibat to the worn one and use the holes in the new bat as a template to drill new holes in the old bat. Mark the new holes with some white paint or scratch a big X over the old ones. I know this is really simple but had anyone else thought of it? ( I specialize in simple.) Hopefully I will have some new work to post in a few days. Thanks for stopping by and a special thanks to Meridith at WHYNOT POTTERY in Seagrove for adding me to her blogroll.


  1. Hi- thanks for the shout out- we- the husband I use to live in Tenn.
    I would love to go back some day


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