Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back to the Studio

I am glad to report that I have a little pottery news to report for a change. Thank goodness. I was about one post away from a web cam and a harmonica. My friend Mike had invited some of us to put a few pots into his gas kiln last week. Well, I've heard you can never have too much Shino so I stuck to Shino with Iron Oxide sprinkled on. I have also begun spritzing the iron with water after sprinkling it on from a big salt shaker. The water seemed to help it stick and run a little. I like the results.

I also have been making a supply of bisque fired bowls. they are a little bigger and a lot rounder than last years design but would still bake an individual casserole or a dessert for two. Ok make that the other way around. I know you like dessert better than casserole.

Finally, I heard that potters in Australia actually clean their wheels. That was just too much to consider but I did clean off a table this week. I don't expect it to last so I took a picture.


  1. I'm loving your spritzing results, looks cold there.

  2. I cleaned my wheel once :)
    Beautiful shinos, yum!

  3. Great pots Dennis. I'm a muddy wheel man for sure

  4. i like the look of the shino spritzed with iron, i just might have to give it a try. i usually sprinkle mine with wood ash before it dries.
    cleaned my wheel last week, won't get done again till spring!

  5. Looks great! If you're still in the cleaning mood, I have a studio you're welcome to visit to continue your cleaning binge. The good part is, my wheels are clean, since I'm in the habit of cleaning them after the days work is over, only because I can't stand to come back to a dirty wheel. But there's plenty of other areas you can clean - the floor, the buckets - you get the idea. :-)


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