Friday, January 13, 2012

What's Bugging You?

I'll tell you what's been bugging me. Stupidity!  No not my own( I've come to grips with that), otherwise normal people who come up with things that defy logic.  I went to Lowe's last week and they were selling camouflage tape measures. REALLY???  I can't find the chrome one or the orange one when I need them. Camo? Whose idea was that?

Even worse, tire balancing. Everyone who has bought a tire has had to pay extra to have it balanced. Even if the dealer said it was "included" you paid for it they just didn't give you a chance to refuse it. Now I'm not saying that tires do not need to be in balance, I'm saying we should not have to pay for it. With a new tire, there are only two possibilities. either the auto manufacturer cannot make a wheel that is balanced or the tire manufacturer can't make a tire that is balanced. No other options but every time you buy a tire, you pay extra to fix someones manufacturing defect. How does that make you feel?

Then there is Rachael from cardholder services who keeps calling about my current credit card. Do enough people fall for that crap to keep the robocalls coming or do they just do it to piss me off. If so it's working.

With the advent of winter let's not forget those people who drive their Cadillacs 40 MPH on the interstate then stop at the green light at the end of the off ramp. Ok, some drive Buicks but you know who I'm talking about.We might as well include those hardworking folks who report the winter weather on TV. They feel that they have to turn every snowflake into an impending disaster to justify all that money they spent on Doppler radar. I like to know if it's going to snow as much as the next guy but it's news, not drama. Just ease up a little.

Just to add a little balance, there is one group of guys who never let me down. I would like to thank the Cincinnati Bengals for once again making sure that my Sunday afternoons are free during January. It looked like they might advance in the playoffs but they came to their senses at halftime and became their old selves in the second half. Thanks guys you saved me many wasted hours this month.


  1. you are earning your money! Are you worrying about these for all of us?
    Do I need to send the money now or can I start a tab?
    We once had a car forever, the kids called it the rust- mobile, Mark bought a balance and rotation for the life of the car from Sears... the man got his moneys worth on that deal.

  2. Sometimes it keeps me up at night.I'm glad someone appreciates it.


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