Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Thanks again to all who added to the last post. It is nice when everyone shares. As of right now, I do not have another show until AUGUST!!!! Don't get me wrong, I actually like doing most shows but it will be nice to catch up on some other things without being rushed to make more pots." Bertha of the basement". our oil fired boiler is about 40 years old and still works hard but it is time for her to retire. I prefer to let her go out with dignity instead of throwing her out on a cold winter night. Our choice is to replace her with a natural gas fired boiler or retrofit the place for forced air gas with a heat pump. This will add thousands to the tab but it will also add central air and add value to the house. Duke ran a Natural gas line past the house a couple of years ago and given the cost/btu comparisons, it is the only fuel choice that is viable. The job is being bid now. I'll keep you updated.

Good news on the pottery front is a new little project. I was given an old Klopfenstein treadle wheel. It is rusty and needs sandblasted and painted but I think it will be a nice addition.The fact that I have a sandblaster is a big plus.

Finally, the Sunday night pickin' has moved outdoors for the summer. 6pm, Sharon Woods Park, near the Reading road entrance. Bring something to play and maybe a drink or snack everyone welcome. You really don't need talent, just nerve. To prove that, here is a song from last week. Here is the url in case the arrow in the box doesn't get you there.

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  1. About 15 years ago my parents took out the old oil burner (which was a converted coal burner) and switched to natural gas. They have never regretted the decision. I hope you feel the same.


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