Monday, June 24, 2013

Things I Know

When people ask for your opinion, what they really want is your support. There is only one correct answer to " How do you like my new hair   cut....color...or piece?"

Incredibly, some people don't appreciate the sound of a motorcycle or a banjo.

Soulless mugs from Walmart are cheap and hold coffee to warm your belly. A handmade mug tells you its own story and warms you all over. There are people who will never understand the difference.

If it won't move with the little hammer, use the medium next. The big hammer is seldom the solution.

There is a 5 am. It is not nearly as pretty or appreciated as 5 pm.

A degree (or two ) doesn't make you smart.

Nearly all vegan dishes can be improved with a little bacon.

If you fish with dynamite be sure to throw it far away from the boat.

Let go. Move on. Forget about it.

Never beat a dead horse but give a rattlesnake a couple of extra whacks.

I'll be really glad when CBS quits promoting " Under the Dome" every 10 minutes. I'm sick of hearing about it. Hopefully it will be cancelled by next week.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. But WHAT IS the dome? I really want to know! Go ahead and laugh but I'm recording it right now, haha!

  2. I live without having to see or hear one more political ad.....Massachusetts is holding its special election to fill Kerry's seat.....we in RI get all the fall out!

  3. Should be.....I could live without.......

  4. you sure do know a whole lot!
    ... what is the "dome"? (I am serious, I don't have cable or satellite or an antenna)

  5. OK if no one else will tell her, I'll try. CBS summer series based on a Stephen King novel. Apparently a large impenetrable invisible dome suddenly encloses a bunch of people. They are trapped inside others are trapped outside. Auto wrecks and Plane crashes abound. Fire on one side, firehouse on the other. Havoc ensues. At least, that's what I got from watching CBS promote it every 10 minutes for the last two weeks. I'm hoping the biggest disaster is the ratings.

  6. Good advice.
    One thing I know is that I don't want to pay for a means for large corporations to advertise to me so I don't own a TV. Dome? What Dome?

  7. So, I finally got around to watching the dome recording, sorry but I liked it, I love Stephen Kings very warped mind:)
    The acting sucks, but the premise is great and it was filmed here in NC, so that's fun. What if we are all in the dome and we just don't know it?!?


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