Sunday, June 2, 2013

As the Wheel Turns

As promised, here is a review of my day in Kentucky Saturday. I was up before 5 and on the road by 5:30. The only good thing I can say about it is that I saw the sun rising over the Ohio as I crossed into Kentucky and headed east for Augusta. The weather forecast had called for scattered showers but they were scattered somewhere else. It looked like a good start. I got to Augusta just before 7 and had three hours to unload and set up. That worked out well too. I like to hustle to get the tent up and the furniture set up then slow down when I start setting out the pots.It also gives me time to look for my smile in case I left it in the van. I had a great site right next to my friend Ken Swinson and in front of the ferry that runs from Ohio and back.. Other friends were scattered throughout the show and I was able to find time to say hello to most of them before we started selling. 10am came and went. The crowd was light. I blame the doppler effect. You know, the one where local tv stations spend a fortune on high tech weather radar then feel they have to sound the alarm every time there might be a sprinkle.The weather stayed nice but even most of the corn doggers ( thanks to Tracey Broome for this term) stayed home.

I was right on the river so I probably should have brought a fishing pole. Actually, it was a lot like fishing. Some nibbles, a few small ones, and one big one. Over all, it was pretty tough fishing and I didn't have any dynamite to throw in the water. I probably knew 10 of the other vendors and it was great to see them all but I think the sales were generally mediocre. If I had been at a local farmers market or the little show right up the road I would have been satisfied but it was a 150 mile round trip ( 10 gallons of gas ) and a 15 hour day by the time I got home. The most beautiful show site ever might be a good reason to visit a show but I'm going to have to think hard about doing this show next year. Here are a few pictures.The big yellow jar on the back table was the " big fish " of the day thanks  to my friends Pam and Keith.


  1. It is a pretty spot.
    But, you need sales otherwise, you can go home when you want.

  2. These outdoor shows are such a gamble. I stopped doing those years ago, mainly because I hated the work and all that sitting around. These days we have other options like Etsy, besides wholesale or consignment.

    I have a potter friend and his wife who started doing pot parties in the city. She was a marketing major and her idea worked out well for them. She gave the hostess a small percent of all that sold, that she could use to purchase work for herself. Hostess invited lots of friends to munch and buy pots. That worked very well for them, as an added selling venue to their at home/studio gallery which is in a more countrified, less populated area.


  3. geesh, just when I thought things were looking up.
    on the bright side... your booth looked great!

  4. so much work but it was a beautiful spot, I like June's pot party idea.

  5. Thanks Y'all. Michele, I think things are looking up overall. I wouldn't judge much by this show. Like Tracey cautioned me the other day, It's a crapshoot.sometimes you roll sevens sometimes you roll snake eyes..


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