Monday, July 23, 2012


The other day, I picked up a new peanut butter at Costco. I liked the ingredients that were not in this stuff and I really liked the five ingredients that they include. I wish my branding were as strong and simple. Oh, Thanks to all who said they liked the last post. A little positive reinforcement always helps.

Peanuts, Salt, Love, Care & Pride


  1. I tell ya, I spend more time in the grocery store reading labels than I do actually putting things in the cart! It has just come to my attention that aspartame is in chewing gum, who knew?! I did find some pancake syrup today that uses brown rice syrup instead of high fructose and that was good to see. It gets harder and harder not to poison my family with food I buy!!!
    Like the looks of this peanut butter, yum :)

  2. I love these - we always wat to put the following on our pots:
    Fat free
    gluten free
    caution may be additive
    whoops- over baked
    break them, we'll make more


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