Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lotsa Pictures

The literati will probably be disappointed with this post. There hasn't been a lot worth writing home about as they used to say. It was HOT, now it's a little cooler. It was DRY now it is a little wetter. The grass was tall, I made it shorter. I have spent a little time in the studio however. Other than to tell you that most of the jars and pitchers are 10 to 12 inches tall there is not much else to say. Lets just see the pictures.


  1. I just love all your colors, but I'm very fond of the blue on that red clay!! Great Job!!

  2. Thanks Carol. It's been working well for me lately.

  3. oh you know I am a sucker for jars.
    Those are sweet- the glazes look great.

  4. i will take eye candy over literati any day. sweet jars and nice oval bakers... like Carol said, the red clay with the blues is very nice.


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