Friday, July 20, 2012


Yesterday, Meredith Heywood posted a story about some of the pots from WHYNOT being out on the town. She had pictures of the bon vivants all dressed up in their gorgeous colors, standing at the bar as if to say look at me ,I'm soooo good lookin'. And yet they were stately and looked like they belonged.They spoke quietly to the other patrons and really showed their class and good breeding.

My pots on the other hand, I can't take them anywhere. The last show I did I opened a crate of cereal bowls and apparently there had been a scuffle while we were riding in the van! Ok, we didn't have enough seats so one had to sit in another's lap but the poor guy on the bottom was just shattered by the whole experience. He didn't want to come out of the box and will never go to another show.

As soon as I started putting pots on the shelves they were elbowing each other trying to get the best view. It was so bad that I had to leave some of them locked up in a box under the table. Every time a pot sold another started screaming that he wanted to come out and sit in the empty spot. Then they started yelling at the customers! Get me out of here! This guy tried to cremate us! He keeps us locked up in the barn! We makes us sit in the hot sun all day!

When there were no customers in the booth, they started in on the pots down the aisle from us. A baking dish and a cereal bowl started taunting a chip and dip. We can do everything you can do and MORE they shouted. You think you are so special but all you do is go to parties. We work hard every day! My dog bowls were yelling insults at the neighbor's Brie Bakers saying things like "We are as pretty as you and we're not FRENCH ! Show us your green card!"

With all this commotion the teapots got steamed. The utility jars started chanting "Jugs, Jugs, show us your jugs" to anyone who would listen. The casseroles were so embarrassed that they just hid under their lids.

Eventually they wore themselves out and I was able to get quite a few of the miscreants adopted but then I had to get the others corralled in their boxes and get everyone in the van at the same time. If I EVER take them out again I'm going to give them a good talking to before we go.


  1. Dennis, Dennis- you are a crack pot!
    Loved this and wish I was witty enough to have written it.
    The part about the chip and true!
    Now get to talking to those pots/

  2. Hahahaha hahahaha!!!!!!!
    Too funny:)

  3. that's great! i hope the adoptees behave in their new homes :-)

  4. HAHA! Love it! And it really does feel that way sometimes. All those argumentative siblings. Whatcha gonna do???

  5. I'm glad folks are enjoying this. Meredith gave me the idea and I just ran with it.Worst part is those pots keep multiplying and they are about to take over.

  6. This is hilarious (and reminds me a little of taking my son out for the day) HA!

  7. Pots will do whatever they can to be seen and heard!
    Love this! Hahaha!


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