Sunday, April 8, 2012


Saturday morning came several times thanks to my neighbors at Motel6. For some reason folks were coming and going all night with noisy cars and sub woofers blasting . What was that old Dr Pepper slogan 10, 2 and 4? That was my schedule. The morning was frosty in Winston Salem and I was anxious to get down the road to Seagrove.

I had gorgeous weather and smooth sailing so it only took another hour or so to arrive at the North Carolina Pottery center. I love to see their collection of both early and contemporary pots. Useful first and beautiful in their usefulness. I particularly like the old jugs and churns that show skilled hands producing enough ware to make a living. Ware that is solid and true not fussy and pretentious. I was permitted to take pictures inside but many pots were behind glass so pardon the reflections. I highly recommend a stop if you are ever in this part of the world.

From the Pottery Center I visited a few shops in town, then I made my way out to Whynot Pottery to meet Mark and Meredith Haywood. We had a very nice visit and I got to take the grand tour of the operation. It's so nice when you meet old friends for the first time.I went out to Sid Luck's and got a tour of his groundhog kiln. Then went to Bulldog Pottery  Bruce and Samantha were out but I got to see their work and had a nice chat with Ed. A few stops later, I met Michele Hastings and saw the Potter's co-op in town. What a nice bunch of folks I met on this trip! I really enjoyed my day and am now in Charlotte with my daughter. Tomorrow I will be showing her classes how to throw or should I say turn clay on the wheel then heading for Asheville Tuesday.

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  1. It was great to meet you Dennis, glad you enjoyed your visit to Seagrove. Safe travels.


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