Monday, April 2, 2012

Missed the Lottery, Made No Pottery

It's time for an update but there is little to write about on the pottery front. I've been bisque firing some red clay pots and glazing others for the next gas firing but that's the bulk of dealing with pots this week. I did start a new kids class at Middletown and did a wheel workshop for 20 middle school kids at Baker Hunt in Covington. It was a fun day and all of them got something thrown by the time we were done. Mainly, I have been taking care of the affairs of living.

Tina's Dad died a few years ago and her stepmother is in a retirement center. Tina is trustee of their home and property. The place was rented for a couple of years and the tenants started some renovations ( with permission) that were not finished when they moved out. I spent a couple of days last week extending the depth of door jambs so the casing would line up with the increased wall thickness from new drywall, then applying new casings and baseboards. It was a lot of work but it looks a lot better. It's always a challenge to finish up projects that other people didn't quite think all the way through. I finished up the week climbing up and down off the tractor patching potholes in their 3/4 mile gravel driveway and hauling some firewood out of the woods with my brother. I'm beat and I plan on spending today doing as little as possible.

Future plans include a trip to Charlotte next weekend to see  our daughter and demo wheel work for her High School Art Classes. If I can work out the schedule, I might even visit a couple of potteries while I am there! Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. If you have time in Charlotte. check out the Mint Museum uptown. There is some amazing pottery there. Jun Kaneko has work there right now, it is unreal!
    Lark and Key also has some really nice houses, ha!


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