Saturday, April 28, 2012


Just a couple of quick notes today. First, I decided to add a diagonal brace to the new shelf unit. It had just a little wiggle in it, probably because I used the cheap poplar dowels instead of the stiffer birch ones. It wasn't going any where but it bothered me so I screwed a 1x3 scrap across the back. It's rock solid now.

 I also have been getting ready for Spring Pottery Fair next Saturday. It's our club show and we have over 50 members showing. We get a good crowd and have very good sales.I already have more pots than I know what to do with but there are a couple of big'uns I want to take so I am making a bunch of kiln filler pots to go around them. This year's new filler item is pet bowls.I'll have about 20 ready so we'll see what happens. If you are in the area, the show is at Madison and Woodburn in Cincinnati and we open at 11AM. Don't miss it.

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