Thursday, August 25, 2011

Short Post

Just a couple of quick items today and it's mostly pictures to make it easier on some of you. Fellow blogger Tracey Broome posted a picture of her sand buckets from the beach yesterday. She inspired me to turn a handle and make a bail for a bucket I made a while back so I thought I would share a picture. Also, some of you have asked for a return of the Potter's Tips series .Here is a real simple one that will make your life easier if you are throwing on the wheel.


  1. Love the bucket! I may do some wire handles at some point but I really love rope. The buckets are fun to make aren't they!

  2. great tip! i often find myself using my hip to hold the bat as i cut... this seems easier. keep the tips coming!

  3. Great bucket, you've got bucket loads of tips (couldn't resist).


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