Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Art on the Lawn

All last week was beautiful in Ohio. All week storms had been forecast for Saturday. (show day). I was so tired of rainy shows that by Thursday, I didn't even want to go. Lo and Behold, Saturday morning the 5:30 AM forecast called for the rain to hold off til evening! I made some coffee and headed up the road to Yellow Springs Ohio for Art on the Lawn. I picked up my packet and found that I was in a corner spot that I could drive right up to. Woo Hoo! Actually, I had a three sided booth because there was a small tree that prevented a booth on my left as well. With no rain, I left the sides of the tent open and had 270 degree of visibility. I had arrived early enough that I could take my time with set up and not feel pressured. About 10, people started showing up. About 11 people started buying a few pots. My friends Ed and Donna stopped in about noon and watched the booth while I went to grab a sandwich from the food booth. About 1:30 I finally got time to eat lunch. As soon as I had gotten back to the booth people started pouring in and buying pots. I sold baking dishes, mugs, more mugs, bowls, plates, and several big jars, and more mugs. I can't speak for anyone else who was showing because I didn't get a chance to see anyone else but I had a great day. I started packing up at 5 and was driving at 6:30 with a lighter load and a pocket full of cash. It helps prove my theory that if the show has Art or Pottery in the title sales are better than Sweet Corn festivals. Thanks to everyone who came out. I've got to go now and make more pots!


  1. Congrats. Here's to more shows great shows.

  2. Love to hear stories like this!

  3. You always pick up on the funny bits of my blog, Dennis, so I'll give you the backstory...at Winchcombe we always held back clay from a previous batch to use for handles...it would be older and therefore more plastic. I have photos somewhere of the tractor trailer load of dry clay we used each year!
    Nowadays, I like my handle clay just a bit stiffer than for throwing...I don't like to fight that sagging feeling...

  4. Good to hear you had a profitable day


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