Monday, June 6, 2011

New Pictures

I've been trying to put together some nicer photos for applications. Sometimes, it seems more like a photo contest than a chance for someone to see what your pots look like. You've seen most of these pots before but let me know if I'm on the right track or not . I'm a big boy, I can take it.

Oh yeah, I've got one little rant. On the way home from Augusta Saturday I saw a sign that said     " Break in Pavement" . Now it looked pretty well broken in to me already and I had no idea why it was my responsibility . More budget cuts I guess.


  1. Hey there,

    I have some experience as a photographer, but I'm just a beginning potter, but so take these with a grain (or kiln full) of salt. ;)

    The changing background colors make it hard for me to see these as a series. I'd stick with one, maybe two, neutral backgrounds. While you don't have to go with gradient paper, do be sure there are no wrinkles/crinkles in your background as those really distract from the beauty of the pots.

    Do you have a tripod you can use? The jar in fourth photo looks blurry. The colors in that jar are gorgeous though.

    Keep working at it and good luck!

  2. The pots are beautiful, love the white ones and the vibrant pot. I agree with Lisa about one color background, before I got my graduated backdrop and cube, I got flat white poster paper and set it up on a stool outside in day light but in the shade on the north side of the house and took photos which turned out fairly well.

    Here's a link of what I did for some pendant photos, scroll down to see my "official" looking photo set up. Ha.

  3. Go to a craft store, Michaels or Hobby Lobby and buy a few sheets of thin poster board in medium gray. It's cheap and when it gets messed up you can buy more cheaper than the expensive graduated paper. I have tried the fabric backdrops and no matter what you do the wrinkles will not go away. You can back up and stop down your exposure and the background will go darker and you will see less wrinkles but they still show up a bit. I wouldn't suggest white paper, you will get a peachy cast that could alter your white work...The lighting on your work looks fine, watch those edges, bottom left hand corner needs a crop. You are so right, sometimes I feel like it's a photo contest too, judges seem critical of the wrong things! Once you get the backdrop thing fixed, you should be good to go!

  4. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the input and will see what I can do about the wrinkles and evening out the background tones..

  5. LOL... on the way back from KY last week I made the same joke about the pavement... I still don't see why thats our job, like i'm not busy enough

  6. These are great, does anyone know where i can get some discount supplies for a old fire kiln?


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