Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Keep on Puggin'

Astute readers of the right hand column will note that I do not have any shows scheduled for a while. That is mostly by design and partly due to a show cancellation. This is going to allow me to catch up on some chores and maybe even take a little vacation or two. It also allows me to play in the clay a little without worrying about production. Today's playing was to pug up some of the leftover Ohio Slip Clay that Gary Adkins gave me last year. Typically it's used as a glaze ingredient but it throws fairly well too. You can't fire it beyond bisque or it will begin to melt but at cone 05 it makes some very nice garden pots.

In other play news, a friend of mine has a small soda kiln and we worked out a deal for me to get some pots fired with his. I have about 40 mugs and a few utility jars in the firing and I am very excited to see the results.It's a very basic little kiln but Fred has been getting some good results.Hopefully, the next post will have pictures of orange flashed soda fired mugs.

Finally, I have a question for other bloggers. I have been seeing a big increase in daily pageviews (over a hundred a day) but they mostly do not show up in the left hand column that shows which posts were visited.Also they are coming from more than one site. I'm not that popular! Does anyone know what's going on?


  1. salt firing... how exciting! can't wait to see the new pots.
    i use google analytics to track visits to my blog and etsy. one of the things i had to do was to set it up to not count my IP address... i often visit my blog to see if other bloggers had updates. at least now my many visits are eliminated. i don't have a clue if that information helps you at all.

  2. Thanks for the input, but that's not it.I have verified that some unique visits to the posts are not being counted and I can't believe I have had 100+ pageviews per day for a week. My own visits have not been counted for a long time.


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