Sunday, June 5, 2011


Augusta Ky, is the hometown of Rosemary Clooney, Brother Nick, and the boyhood home of George.None of them stopped by the booth but their town is a gorgeous place to spend a summer afternoon. I hauled the pots south for " Art in the Garden" yesterday and it had to be the loveliest place I have ever pitched the tent.Flower gardens in front of me and the Ohio River behind.There was a pretty good flow of friendly people coming through saying nice things. It might help to name it Art Show and SALE in the Garden but with the help of several sales in the last hour of the show I ended up doing well enough to make the trip worthwhile.Several of my "Kentucky Friends" and some Facebook friends were there too and it was nice to see them.I think my favorite conversation of the day went like this:
He- Nice pot
Me- Glad you like it.
He- Is it McCoy?
Me- No, I made it.
Me- Yes everything in the show should be hand made by the exhibitor.
He- No Kidding?

You can just imagine those  little animated kitties having this conversation.
I'm including a couple of booth shots too. I still like the big shelf but I  need to work on how the dinnerware is displayed. Way too much clutter on that shelf.


  1. did that guy think he was at an antiques market? yes...reminded me of those short cartoon clips too.
    nice looking booth.

  2. I hear those animated kitties in my head now at every show I do! What a nice backdrop for your work, it all blends together so nicely, Beautiful spot!

  3. What spectacular views you had, your booth looks great, sometimes I think folks don't know what to say and him thinking your pots were antiques was a compliment.

  4. Well Linda, I do refer to my work as "Traditional Pots for Everyday Use" but I consider McCoy as more "second hand or Used" than antique.Now if he had said " Isn't that a Cardew" I might have given it to him.


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