Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Bird

Dan Finnegan makes the most marvelous birds in the world. If you haven't seen his, find the link in my blog list and get ready to drool. I'm not trying to rip off Dan and I could never make birds like his but they did inspire me to try to dress up a new teapot a little bit.

I have a show in Augusta Ky Saturday that is going to require my day to start about 4:30 AM. Ouch! Stop by and say hello if you are down that way.

I did confirm a Ky rumor this week. I had heard that Ky would let vendors submit sales tax on an event basis instead of a full registration . It's true. If you call the Dept of Revenue in Frankfort and ask for a temporary vendors permit, they will refer you to the proper district office. The District office will ask your name, address, social and name of the event.A few days later you get a permit and a simple form to submit with your check.Then you are done and do not have to file returns for the rest of your life. Easy.


  1. That teapot is so cute, I love whatyou did with the spout. Chirp, chirp.

  2. Very cute teapot! Check out my blog post today for a link to the Cedar Creek teapot show and look for Allen Bennett's fish teapots. They are really fun!

  3. Thanks, It is fun to try something different every now and then.


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