Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hillbilly Hotbox

Spring has retreated and winter has reared it's ugly head again.I can heat the studio a couple of times a week when I am working out there but I can't afford to keep it warm 24/7 with $4.00 a gallon kerosene.This creates a problem of freshly thrown ware freezing overnight. Not a good thing.What's a poor boy to do? Improvise! I insulated one of the shelves in the studio and installed a lamp for heat.Close it up with foam from Lowes and it keeps the ware from freezing and keeps a day's supply of fresh clay warm at the same time.If it gets too warm I can pull back a corner to vent it a little or put the lamp on a timer.


  1. Is that a monitor heater you are using? I heard those were fairly inexpensive to heat with? love the hillbilly hot box idea we used to use this same technique to keep our well pump from freezing in Arkansas - with a light bulb, not even a heat lamp./

  2. Currently using an old Kerosun style heater. I have an LP heater ready to go if it ever dries out enough to run propane lines and set tank.It's not that bad if I'm producing pots but on the off days it just doesn't make sense to heat the whole place.

  3. That looks a good idea.
    I've just been bringing wareboards of pots into the house! Not that the house has been that warm, but at least they didn't freeze! (with no extra expense , but some inconvenience)


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