Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog Envy

All the bloggers that I follow must have made a New Year's resolution to pot more often and blog more often about it.Everyone has been posting 2 or 3 times a week.John Baumann has been posting videos that show both his guitar and potting skills(not at the same time but he does whistle and throw a pot at the same time) Tracey Broome has been re-inspired and is cranking out new little buildings. June Perry has been solving Soda firing problems for everyone and Dan Finnegan has made more of his wonderful birds. Me? I've been sitting in my chair with the dog in my lap and the cat on top of both of us.It's called Butt Stuck in Chair Syndrome and it has spread across the Midwest.We'll make some pots when it warms up or at least when the ice melts.

My friend Mike Baum did invite me to put some pots in his firing this week and I never pass up a firing so I did blast myself out of here a couple of times.The brown pot is Ohio Slip sprayed thinly on leatherhard clay then carved before firing. When heavier, it can look just like the old brown Albany slip.Mike's Temmoku glaze works well on my clay and breaks to a beautiful brown in the edges. That's about it for now. Tune in next week.


  1. that's ok, I had BSCS in December, I'm just now rebounding!

  2. Just pulling out of it, myself. Gotta glaze and load today. Man, I am not a fan of winter ...

  3. I've been in a bit of an energy rut, doing my imitation of a couch potato for a few days, mainly from frustrating computer woes, fixes and new installations; but after a few days of almost no studio time, I'm now going to get off this cushy sofa, put my laptop under my arm and head to the studio to test the new wireless, sort through some test tiles and resume slipping and decorating pots.

  4. June, I think you get more done on a bad day than I get done in a good week.


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