Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Colors

Anyone who knows me knows I would fire all my pots in a wood/soda kiln and fill the booth with orange pots if I could.Well, the community wood kiln has not been fired for a year and given the work, risk, and distance, I probably would not join in if it were fired again. My gas kiln is still not set up (no one to blame but me and the weather). That leaves the little old electric kiln to fill the shelves. Actually. the electric fired red clay table ware is a pretty good mover so it's time to get rolling with some production.

I've made a few dozen bowls and am currently throwing plates and mugs. I'm also trying out some new glazes to add a little variety to the color palette. I mixed up a bucket of zirconium white using the old Hansen 20-20-20-20-20 recipe and like it very well. I also tried it with 2% cobalt added and I like it too when it contrasts with the red clay. The brown pots in the picture are glazed with a recipe for Ketchup Red from the new ceramics monthly. It's browner than any ketchup I've ever had but it is growing on me. The little cups on the edge of the kiln are for a promotional give away we are trying for our Spring Pottery Fair this year.It's not too early to mark those calendars for May 7 in Cincinnati. 60 potters, great pots, nice people.


  1. I really like the green on the tumblers.

  2. Thanks Linda. That's Xavier's Jade Green.It has been very popular on the red clay.Also, not too fussy if you get it hot enough.

  3. Very pretty palette, I like the green too. my friend Barbara is having great ^6 oxidation success with a selsor base and adding colorants. I have lots of new colors on my blog today from a ^6 redux.


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