Sunday, March 6, 2011

New and Improved

Well, once again I have been too (pick one) (busy, lazy, tired, preoccupied, insensitive) to keep up with my blogging. Let's go with busy if we can. Monday my brother and I took a road trip to Tennessee, North Carolina,and back to Ohio. We stopped and saw out great grandfather's grave in Newcomb Tn. Then we went on to the land title office for Campbell County in Jacksboro.We found the deed to some property my great, great, great grandfather had sold in 1833. Fifty acres and a house for 5 cents.It is presumed that it was sold to a son in law but a nickel is still cheap. The deed index did not show when he purchased the land so it had to be before Campbell county was formed in about 1805. There may be a record of it in Anderson county which Campbell was carved out of. That mystery is for another trip. We scooted on down to Asheville for a truckload of clay through a heavy downpour that lasted all day. The good folks at Highwater took care of us and we headed back north. Nice to spend some quality time with the family. I got home about 10 pm tired but pleased.
The next project came from the decision that my beloved Scion XB (Excellent Box) was hitting 95,000 miles and soon would be needing brakes, timing belt, maybe a clutch, etc. My search criteria included something a little larger and more plush. The little Ford Transit Connect van was a contender but I ended up with a new Subaru Forester. Roomy, AWD, Comfortable, still economical.
Finally, Mike Baum had asked if I wanted to slip a few pots into his firing this week so I put in a couple of gallon jars and some refires while teaching a couple of days and taking care of the affairs of everyday life. Maybe I really didn't have time to blog.Thanks for visiting.


  1. My husband has a 2010 Forrester, loves it, I have a 2010 Outback, love it and our daughter has a Legacy with over 150,000 miles on it, once her dad's. We have now owned 8 Subarus, never a problem with any of them. I like the color of yours, my VW van that I traded was that color :)

  2. Thanks Tracey.Subaru may want to feature you in an ad.

  3. Really nice Ohio slip, good luck with the firing. Even at 140,000 miles can't afford a new car for me, Gary's pick up has 80,000 hope they both last. I am sure you'll like your new car, Gary had a used subaru and loved it, but getting in and out of it with his bad shoulder and my bad back just about killed us. I think the new onces are taller than the older ones. I've heard they are really dependable.

  4. You'll like the Forester, Dennis. My wife got a 2008 a few months ago and it's a real good car. Especially in snow. I looked at the Transit Connect when I got rid of the last Tacoma, but ended up going with a newer Tacoma. I do like the TC, though.


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