Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Our Holidays have been very nice. We spent Christmas with our daughter and son-in -law in Charlotte. It was a very nice visit and we did not have to clean. Charlotte had a White Christmas evening and Sunday. We drove back Monday and took the long way around through Asheville to miss the worst of the snow on the West Virginia Turnpike. Except for a slow one lane section between Asheville and the Tennessee line the roads were fine and we had an uneventful trip. When we walked in the house it was 8 pm, 45 degrees, and the boiler was shut down.Luckily I have a regular boiler guy who came over and got it running before too long so little harm was done.

Our son is an international marketing guru who lives in New York. He recently bought a 78 Jeep Cherokee on E Bay. So far so good but the Jeep was in Portland ,Oregon. He decided that he would drive it cross country and put his finger on the pulse of hope and optimism in the heartland as he went.Things went well to Boise where he discovered the joy of transmission trouble on a Friday. It was Wednesday before he was rolling again but the transmission mechanic was more hopeful about sending his kids to college. A few more stops brought studded snow tires and chains to help on the mountain passes. Before we knew it, he was in Kansas, Arkansas, Memphis, and our house.

We were more optimistic than we had been in a week. I have to admit it really is a cool ride. The kind that makes you overlook mechanical problems and just accept them as the price of admission.The next day, he headed for NYC after picking up his aunt Libby who had gotten stranded in Cincinnati while the east coast was snowed in. Last we heard everyone made it to New York and Ben had even found a parking space.


  1. What a cool classic, glad he made it ok and your home didn't freeze, the new year is looking up already, have a good one.

  2. Hi Dennis,
    Doug and Hannah will be here April 15th-17th for their workshop. Fee is $150.00. There are a variety of places to stay etc. Contact us at the office at LibertyTown (540-371-7255) or just give me a call (540-604-6310) It'd be great if you could come! Dan


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