Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Camera

I had been eyeballing new point and shoot cameras for a while. The old one goes thru a lot of batteries and has a limited zoom range.I finally succumbed to temptation,( the only thing I can't resist.) Costco had an amazing deal on a new Panasonic Lumix with 12mp and a 12x optical zoom with image stabilization.That's like 25 to 300mm to us old 35mm shooters.It has lots of bells and whistles but I love that big zooming Leica lens the most . I thought you might like to see the zoom range in action.These shots are taken from the same spot at the extreme limits of the zoom.

Thanks to everyone who responded to the last post.Seems like the average potter may wear jeans about two weeks between washings but it can go from a week to a month.Now for those of you with your own studios, how often do you actually clean your wheel and splash pan? Daily,Weekly, Annually, or just when you have a studio sale?


  1. Whenever I change clay I clean it all. Otherwise, I just wipe out the slop. Usually, I work 25 pounds and switch. I like moon white and red rock. I have a wedging area for dark and light clay and always clean bats. I will not discuss how often I change my pants tho! Toby

  2. Once a year, for the holiday sale.

  3. Clean the splash pan?hahahahahhahahhahahaha!!
    I got so sick of that being the last thing to do at the end of a day in the community studios I worked in, when I got my own wheel it was heaven not to have to do that!

  4. It never gets completely cleaned, but I empty it when slip start seeping out the back section.

  5. I clean my work area after each piece, but then I'm only wiping down a flat board, and that's probably only because I don't want dry clay particles in the next piece, if that wasn't a problem, then it might be once a week. If it was a wheel, I'd probably be the same as Judy or Hollis. Ha.


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