Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best Pottery Tip Ever

Merry Christmakwanzakah to all my readers and thank you for visiting the blog this year.Thanks to everyone for your opinion on the pitchers last time. For some reason I only got a couple of comments posted to the blog but a bunch of folks responded on facebook. The winner was "C" with "B" close behind.

After a brief hiatus, I have decided to bring Potters Tips back to the blog for this Christmas edition.The tool I am showing you today is simple but very useful.It can measure the thickness of a pot you have on the wheel without putting a hole in it.You can use it on a narrow pot that you cannot get your hand into and lastly, you can use it as a trimming gauge to see exactly how much clay you have left to trim.

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  1. You are the king of tips; have a happy holiday season.


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