Monday, December 6, 2010

Soup and Sales (not Soupy Sales)

We'll start this edition with my favorite soup for this weather.It's very hearty but has nearly zero carbs.
1. Go to Costco and buy a roast chicken. Don't even bother to roast your own. For $4.99 you can't come close. The extra brownness really helps.

2. When you get home, cut the meat off the bones.

3. Throw the bones, wing tips etc. in a pot with onion carrot and celery.Brown this stuff then add water to cover and simmer for as long as you can stand to wait.( 3 hrs is good) Skim occasionally.

4. This is the best chicken stock you will ever have.Strain it, pick the bones and add as much meat as you like back to pot.Season to taste then stuff handfuls of baby spinach into the pot until the spinach wilts.That's it and its delicious without any noodles, crackers, or beans.

So much for soup. Now sales. Don't try to sell pots on Thanksgiving Saturday in Cincinnati. Last year we all did great at our Anderson Twp. Holiday sale but a week earlier this year and hardly anyone came.I made my share of expenses but that was about it.After that I was very pleased to go to Mike and Karen Baum's home sale this weekend.Mike has been a professional potter for 30 years, studied with Byron Temple at Penland and apprenticed in England in the 70's. He makes great unpretentious functional pots. Here are a few pictures from the sale.


  1. Homemade chicken stock wouldn't have all the salt they put in that store bought stuff either. Nice swirly flat baking dishes there. Stay warm.


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