Thursday, December 2, 2010

John Boehner Blues

My mind has been wandering again.This little ditty has been evolving in my head. Pickers can use a simple 1,4,5 accompaniment. Add verses at will and share with your friends if so inclined.

I'm sitting here lookin at the TV set,
Need to see the doctor but I ain't been yet.
I've got the John Boehner blues.

Last time I saw the Doctor the Doctor said
You got no insurance go back to bed
You've got the John Boehner blues.

Election night my eyes filled with tears
the writin' on the wall said two more years.
We're gonna have the John Boehner blues.

I've seen the future and it couldn't be bleaker
He looks in the mirror and says MR. SPEAKER!
I've got the John Boehner blues.

Gentleman Johnny leads the party of nope,
No more change,no more hope.
I've got the John Boehner blues.

Johnny doesn't worry if he gets ill.
He goes to the doctor we get the bill.
I've got the John Boehner blues.

John don't care if America's healthy
As long as the rich get a little more wealthy.
I've got the John Boehner blues.

He gives the rich a big tax cut
while he gives it to me in the butt
I've got the John Boehner blues.

Johnny says repeal the healthcare bill
he don't like and he never will.
I've got the John Boehner blues.

Johnny's plan has just one goal
He gets the doughnut I get the hole.
I've got the John Boehner blues.

I've got Diabetes but I'll beat that booger
I'll strain my blood and sell the sugar
I'll beat these John Boehner blues.

Now I can't sing and I can barely pick
but my advice to you is don't get sick 'cause
you might catch the John Boehner blues.


  1. Classic. I will work on my verse(s) and post later. Somewhere in tere has to be 'drank the koolaide' and fascist socialist progressive and like minded patriot. Toby

  2. Pretty funny! your email ended up in my junk folder for some reason, but I got it today! Feel free to leave a link on my blog anytime, etiquette doesn't bother me too much :)

  3. yeah they say the rates are going up, with house taxes, house insurance, car insurance and health insurance, we will never be able to retire, government has no money but ours, so more programs just equal more taxes some other place. tax structure and big business is what needs drastic reform in ths country.


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