Monday, February 1, 2010

Bisque Fired Pots

It looks like the Cincinnati Clay Alliance may be having a Tea Bowl Show later this spring. The details are still being worked out but we are hoping to join with the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati to participate in their Japanese themed spring butterfly show. Anyway...I had never paid a lot of attention to Japanese tea bowls, figuring that they were a mystical specialty that no westerner could really understand.I still feel that way but not to be left out, I am trying to make a few.I don't really know if I am on the right track so I have posted some bisque fired pots this week. I know that some of you know more about this than I do so chime in at the comment section. Don't worry you won't hurt my feelings on this one.
These are more of the pitchers for the April wedding of our daughter Kate. I have about 15 in all and it is time for glazing and firing so I have time to re-do some if they don't turn out. Yes they are supposed to be assorted styles. Lastly, Thanks to those of you who made it out to Maple Creek last weekend. I saw a few friends and sold a few pots but overall it was a lot of work for a small return. Hey,hope springs etc etc and spring is coming any day now.


  1. Nice tea bowls and pitchers. are those zinc cabinets and tables, they look so great to work on.

  2. I think they are Aluminum.No rust and they are easy to clean after glazing or mixing.


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