Friday, February 5, 2010


Regular readers know that I have been making a variety of pitchers for our daughter's upcoming wedding.I got several out of the gas reduction kiln today. Most were glazed with a variation of Malcomb Davis's shino that carbon traps like crazy.They were in a section of the kiln that went to cone 11 and had heavy reduction as well.The pictures can't show the variety of color as well as I would like but you will get the general idea. The yellow ones are done with a very thin coat of Val Cushing's yellow matt.Sometimes it will try to go green but it is very nice when the yellow holds true.

In other news, we are expecting another dose of the White Death that will cause widespread panic throughout the area.Some reports are calling for six inches, others up to a foot.I don't really mind the snow except that it pushes back the electrical work that will finally get me into the new studio. It will happen eventually.


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