Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow

This is the snowiest winter we have had in many years.So far we are at 23 inches for February after a January that had snow on the ground almost the entire month.The electrician who was going to upgrade our service and bring power to the new studio has not had a prayer of getting started so the studio is just sitting for now.What has not been sitting is my little diesel tractor.When you are supersized and well into middle age, the last thing you need to do is shovel large quantities of snow. The tractor has been great for digging us out. Just a few minutes of plowing has replaced hours of shoveling by hand.I'm really glad I got it and I'm also glad I have a wife who didn't complain when I did.

On a pottery note, John Britt posted some glaze tests and has nice things to say about Ohio Slip at ncclayclub.blogspot.com. Ohio Slip is a local glacial clay that Gary and Pam Adkins dig and process out in Bethel,Ohio.It is a very good substitute for the old Albany Slip and you will never meet nicer people.If you haven't tried it, check it out at akclay.com.

Pray for spring but keep a bag of rock salt around just in case.

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