Monday, March 14, 2016

A Little More From North Carolina

Here we go into the last round from NC Potter's Conf. and the influence that I brought home. Sunshine Cobb works in a very meticulous manner. She does some thrown work with really nice textures rouletted onto them but mainly, she makes coiled pots. The coiling and pinching gives her work an exquisite sensual surface which she then pierces and cuts pieces out of. It is delicate work but she just keeps at it in a very straightforward workwoman like manner. After firing with commercial glazes, she even goes so far as to sandblast them to soften the surface.

I love Paintings on the sides of buildings, especially if they have a working headlight !

Saturday night, we went to visit the home of a local collector. who has literally thousands of pots in his house. I'm not going to give out his name but he is elderly and has been collecting for decades. EVERY nook and Cranny in his rambling home is crammed full of pots to die for and he has already give 1000 to a university collection. Let the pictures speak.

Finally, I have been working on a pot that incorporates some influences from Tony Clennell. It has a 9# bowl, 6# cap, and a 4# base all attached to each other. Add a lid and some wheel thrown handles and this is what you get. Currently 16" tall and 14" wide. It is not really my style but it was good practice and a lot of fun to do. Now to dry it for a couple of months and see what happens in the firing. Thanks for stopping.

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  1. Enjoyed your posts about the Conference. It was a great time.


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