Friday, March 11, 2016

I've Been Led Astray

I need to be making mugs. I need to be making cereal bowls. Going to a conference, you see people making stuff like this.

So you come home and start making parts for pots you don't need. Here is the bottom

Here is the top.

Tomorrow, we'll see if they fit together and if the forms hold up when they are attached to each other. PS, I blame Tony Clennell for this. That guy is a hazard sneaking across the border just to mess with my complacency !

I want to show a piece of Steven Godfrey's work today also. I really wasn't familiar with him but he does some incredible work with porcelain and he came all the way from Anchorage Alaska to see us.

He does lovely work and seems like a nice guy too. He was a good presenter and held up his share of the stage. Not an easy task when the stage is shared with two other people.

I still need to review Sunshine Cobb and a visit to what is probably one of the best collections of contemporary pottery in the country. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.


  1. Will be interested to see the pot put together.
    Thanks for showing Steven Godfrey's work. Very nice stuff.

  2. conferences can do that to you for sure


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