Monday, May 9, 2016

Getting by with a Little Help from My Friends

Once again I have been letting the old blog slide for too long but there really hasn't been that much to write home about. After the NC Potters Conference I came home inspired and made some pots. My back started hurting. I bought a used wheel and moved it out of a basement, back hurt a little more. I go in a rush to finish pots for Springfair. Sitting on the stool and throwing wasn't bad but straightening up afterwards was an ordeal. Life marches on. Last week I packed and loaded. That didn't feel too good either but I took my time and it was mostly ok. PS. The ammo boxes are my weights. They are full of gravel and work very well. Don't look bad either.

I had been asked to post some booth shots and frankly I took some quick shots during set up and got nothing of the booth after I stocked it. Life got hectic. The shelf units all have a single brace about a foot wide that attach to the uprights with a carriage bolt and a wingnut. The mug board is attached to the table behind with a strap and the foot hidden under the table will take some weight if needed. Everything is very stiff, light and quick to set up too.

6:30 Saturday morning found me pulling up to my booth. I got just a little help then the person who was helping me got called away and I finished by myself. I parked the van walked back up the street and started putting the booth together. I worked slowly and by 10 it was basically together. Time for coffee and a treat then stare at and reshuffle. We opened at 11 but there were plenty of people at 10:30. I had the corner booth right where most people came into the show. In that spot it usually takes a while to make the first sale. It was almost 11:30 when I did but it was over $100 so I was off to a good start. The crowd got bigger, I sold stuff and I wasn't doing it all $20 at a time either. The day before Mother's Day moves some nice BIG bowls and bakeware( the gift that keeps giving back)

 By about 1 pm it was going well but I had bent over too many times and started having back spasms. I had stashed a couple of Vicodin that I saved from my last major injury and taking one helped. People kept coming, and buying. Robin ( one of my regulars) had wanted small plates last fall so I made 10 "on spec" in her glaze. She showed up and bought all 10!!! That helped a bunch. I saw a friend who said she was volunteering but would be done in a little bit. I had a brainstorm and hired her to help me pack. Nikki came back at 5 , I took my last Vicodin and we set to work packing up. She is a very hard worker and a multi talented artist in her own right but is great at following instruction when need be. We had everything boxed in 45 minutes ! At that point other friends, both exhibitors and volunteers descended on my booth and told me to get the van while they knocked everything down. I pulled up, told them how the big jigsaw puzzle went together and by 6:15 I was driving off the lot. Nikki, Lauren, Jeanette, David and Trish will never know how much I appreciate them. Without their help I would have been loading at 9 o'clock.

This was a club show and all the vendors know each other to varying degrees so it is always fun to do. I was happy that everyone was saying that they did well. I had no idea how much I had sold but I knew it was good because I ran out of wrap and was down to my last couple of bags,( always a good sign.) When I got home, I was too tired to count the money so I asked Tina to do it. I was shocked at the total. Just the cash was a couple hundred less than my total receipts last year. When I added in the square I was floored. This ended up being my best show ever by a solid margin. Sunday was spent taking pain killers and sitting with a heating pad on my back but today is a lot better as long as I don't do anything crazy like put on my socks or tie my shoes!


  1. Great to hear that you had such awesome sales! I hope your back recovers quickly.

  2. Thanks Michele.I had awesome sales but more importantly, awesome friends. I have a physical scheduled in a week or so. I'll give it til then to see if a miracle happens.

  3. Oh your mug display is so wonderful, sorry about your back but great about the sales; my back was bad when I had my lavender farm and I learned to always keep in mind how I lifted and stood; a doctor once told me that even brushing your teeth at the sink stand up straight rather then bending slightly; at a couple of shows I laid down in the back of my car to let my back relax, while Gary manned the booth because I knew if I stood up any long it would have gone out; I learned the dull pain was a precursor to the incapacitating pain and stop and rest the minute I feel it now. I do hope your back isn't serious

  4. Thanks Linda. That mug rack literally takes up no space because the table it is anchored to holds a box with 50 cereal bowls in it and leaves me a small wrapping space. The bags and bubble wrap hang on hooks on the back side over the table. Light fast, super efficient.

  5. I love the color of that blue with the red (the last photo on this post.) It's gorgeous!

  6. Great show! Hope your back recovers soon. Gotta make more!

  7. Congrats on the show! Friends are the best!
    Take care of yourself!

  8. Take care of the back, been there. I'm on ice for my knee right now.

  9. When you get to a certain age you just wake up every morning and roll the dice to see which part is going to hurt the worst.

  10. I love reading about successful craft shows! Congrats!
    Careful with those pain meds, my mother in law became a big back pain vicodin addict. She's happy though..... she sure did love her drugs, haha!

    1. Thanks Tracey. No worries about the meds. I'm taking tylenol and an anti inflammatory. The 2 vicodin had been laying around for a couple of years waiting for a hurt bad enough to take them.


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