Thursday, March 27, 2014

Periodic Embarrassment

Hey everyone just a quick update. The car continues to be repaired. The toll is up to $10,500 on the damage but still not enough to total it, just ruin it. I have been throwing myself silly (short trip) to get ready for summer shows and have just about enough bisque to get through the summer. Rather than show piles of greenware, I thought I would amuse you all with another song. Thanks for stopping.


  1. no embarrassment, just living and loving life, hating a bit too I suspect, hang in there

  2. Thanks Linda. No hate, maybe some disappointment. Hate does nothing to the person you are mad at but it awful things to you.

  3. It does make a person think about how upside down things can be. We once had a car totaled just for a bent wheel. Crazy, but you are carrying on well.


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