Sunday, April 20, 2014

Opening Day

Hey everyone. Happy Easter, Ishtar, Passover or whatever you have been celebrating. I've just been celebrating being able to work outside without a jacket. I've missed you but it has been awfully busy around here. May 3 is opening day. No, not the Reds, show season. Cincinnati Clay Alliance has its club show on the first Saturday of May every year. 60 Clay artists on one street ! I always do well there. Last year I did twice what my next best show was so I need a bunch of stuff. When you make tableware, that means 8 to 12 place settings of each glaze plus serving pieces, corner pieces, etc. I'm done with Green, Black and Shino but I still need Blue. Busy Busy . I bisque fired and threw through the cold months, well , when I could force myself outside I did. That led to a huge pile of bisque. Orders late last fall led to me being out of most colors of plates and I can only fit 2 on a kiln shelf then fill in with other low stuff. This train of logic lead to the conclusion that I had a ****load of firing to do. The last 3 weeks have not found my kiln cold. Load , fire, unload, load....I have had to do a bisque just to have enough mugs to fill some 6" high spaces. If I do all plates, I run out of shelves halfway up. It's all a big jigsaw puzzle anyway.

 I've also been working on a new shelf unit. It is almost done and I am including a teaser picture of some partially completed parts. Next time you stop by, I hope to have full instructions posted. It is a slick design. Oh yeah, The Subaru returned home after a month in the body shop. Total damage was about $11,000 on an $18,000 car but it looks good and drives fine. The Ford Escape from Enterprise was fine but I'm glad to have my own car back. There's no place like home. Have a great day.

Pile O' Green ,at least that's what I'm hoping for.

Greens ,Blacks, and some tests

She's Back

What the?? Why the third post?


  1. Toes crossed that sales knock your socks off!
    If you are going to get years more driving out of a car I feel it's worth it to fix it. Think of the insurance you save!
    Waiting to see what is going on with the shelves!

  2. love your pile of green, happy spring, happy easter

  3. That green glaze is awesome! And yes, I am intrigued with the middle post!


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