Monday, August 6, 2012

Yard Sale

Last weekend was the date for the annual "Route 127 World's Longest Yard Sale" sale. For the uninitiated, the sale stretches from Alabama to Michigan. It's about 30 miles to 127 from here but I thought it might be an interesting little shopping trip.I wasn't disappointed. Amid the usual tables of plastic items and baby clothes there were some neat old things and some items actually useful to mankind.

I ended up with a brand new motorcycle helmet that fits better than my old one for $20. A set of 12 full size carving chisels for another $20, and the find of the day was a $2 guitar. Yup, not a misprint, $2. It was old and funky with a crack in the back and badly needing some set up work but it was worth the money as a wall hanger. When I got her home, I did some research and found out it was an SR brand made by Harmony for Sears and Roebucks. It turns out to be all solid wood (not plywood) and it looks like birch.I went overboard on her and lavished her with new strings, a new nut,and a strap button. I know it seems crazy to spend so much money( I'm up to $9 at this point ) but I'm prone to go overboard sometimes.I have set her up as a slide guitar. I don't know how to play slide,( as you have noticed, I can barely play in standard tuning) but here is a clip just to show what she sounds like.Give me 6 months or so to actually get some music out of her.Thanks for stopping by, I'm off to repack the pots for a show this weekend in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Stop by Saturday if you are in the area.

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  1. 2.oo! Wow, that is a great deal- get to playing and be sure to treat her well.


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