Sunday, August 12, 2012

Art on the Lawn

Saturday dawned early (5:00) for me since I was heading for Yellow Springs, Ohio for Art on the Lawn. The truck was loaded so it was : Blondie out,start coffee, shower, dress, drink coffee. drink more coffee, eat, feed and kennel  Blondie, pack drinks and lunch, make coffee to go and hit the road.That is about as much as I do most mornings and it was only 6:15!

 I got to the show about 7:00 and quite a few folks were already setting up. I was glad to have my old site from last year since I could drive up the sidewalk and unload right at my booth. I really am not in shape to schlep this whole booth across the yard so the drive up site is a big plus.Set up went smoothly. I even got a minute to go see fellow Clay Alliance members Dick and Mary Overman and have included a shot of Dick's booth at the end of this post.About 10:30 people started showing up and although they did not trample each other, there was a nice flow of traffic most of the day. Sales picked up about noon ( after the early crowd had been around the loop once) then dropped off for a while. Just when I was starting to worry I sold a couple of sets of plates several sets of cereal bowls. Baking dishes sold well too.I think the cool temps we had put people in a baking mood. In some ways, it was an unusual group of pots that sold. Usually plates are a hard sell but I sold about 10 of them ,cereal bowls usually go 1 or 2 at a time but yesterday they went by 4s and 6s. I could have sold another set of plates and a set of 8 bowls but I got to the point where I couldn't make sets anymore. Usually I sell a dozen mugs. I sold 2!!! My pitchers sell well. No one looked at them. Strange mix. My last show I had 1 check and no charges, all cash. Yesterday was 1/2 cash 1/2 charges and a couple of checks. I don't think my crystal ball has been working so I'm going to have to get throwing and make bowls plates and baking dishes. The up side is I met some wonderful new customers and it all added up to a record high ticket and a record overall day for me.Then there was 2 hours of packing and loading.  There is work to do but today Blondie and I are going to take it easy and spend some quality time together. Here are some booth shots. Thanks for stopping by.

Dick Overman's Booth


  1. Dennis, Thank you for returning this year. I hope you had a great show. Crystal from Village Artisans

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