Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Tuesday!

This one is about pottery.Any Tuesday with a kiln full of nice pots is super.  Over the weekend, I mixed glazes and glazed pots. I've got to get a Talisman Sieve. Pushing a bucket of glaze through a regular 80 mesh sieve with a spatula and brush seems to take forever With a Talisman I could be done in 5 minutes but wow are they expensive. Has anyone tried the system that Euclid's sells? It's about $40 instead of $175 but I have never seen or used one. If you have please comment.

Almost everything in the kiln was Jade Green on red clay Yes Meredith the blue cup you liked was green too .Maybe these pictures show the color better. The only other one was a test cup with wax resist and blue over white. I like the effect and will do more next time. Thanks for stopping. I'm off for glazing fun with my Tuesday Clay Monkeys.


  1. Great whimsical cup the last one is, is it espresso size? and your green is wonderful, but I do like the one which was more turquoisey you posted a couple of posts ago. Never heard of that other sieve, curious to see what others may say.

  2. Linda, The other mug was the same glaze and pretty close to these. The blueness was from the backlighting in the photo.( But I am planning on adding some cobalt to the green and doing a small run of stuff to see how it sells.)Thanks for visiting.

  3. That is such a great glaze color on the red clay body- i love the way it breaks and it is warm looking- oh- don't resit do more!

  4. Thanks Meredith. I had never played with resist before but I like how this turned out.

  5. Wow, I had no idea those talisman sieves were so expensive. I was at a gallery board meeting one night at this girl's house, she was moving. I said I worked with clay and she said, oh I have this glaze sieving thing someone gave me, would you like it, I have no use for it!
    I really like it, after years of mixing glazes for community studios, pushing glaze through a sieve with a spatula, this thing is well worth the money,especially if you mix a lot of glazes! No idea how the less expensive one works, but I have learned when it comes to tools, buy the best you can afford and you won't need to replace them for a long time.... the things I splurged on for my studio have served me well :)


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