Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rush to Judgement

This is not a pottery post.

What happens when a priest a rabbi and minister walk into a bar? It's the start of many jokes. How about when they walk into the Capitol ? It's a joke but it's not funny. When the House of Representatives stacks the deck by only allowing conservative men to speak at a hearing on any issue we all suffer. Hearings have become nothing but showboating  on the path to a forgone conclusion. Sandra Fluke apparently had some misguided notions about free speech and representative government when she went to Washington last week.A woman wanting to speak about women's health? Outrageous!

We all know about Rush Limbaugh's ranting about Sandra Fluke after she had the nerve to want to testify at a House of Representatives hearing last week. Ms. Fluke had done nothing to deserve the vile names that Rush called her but that didn't stop him from calling her a slut and a whore on national radio nor did it prevent him saying she should make a sex tape for all of us to watch. According to news reports, women all over the country are offended. Here's a news flash, men are offended too. We have wives and daughters and believe that no woman should be treated this way. Listeners who support Rush should think this through whether or not they agree with Ms. Fluke on the issue of including contraception in health plans. Do you really want someone this crude and disrespectful speaking for you? Someone who has nothing of substance to add to the discussion so he degrades a courageous young woman in a failed effort to silence her?  Political discourse should depend on more than name calling and character assassination.

As of this morning, Rush has issued an apology after losing four sponsors. Believe me, he's sorry about losing the money more than he is sorry about what he said. He will not change and this will happen again to someone elses'  daughter.  I have refrained from calling Rush a bigoted degenerate old misogynist with a drug addled brain because it would have made me stoop to his level and wallow in the same slime. Anyone who has been to a pond knows you find the rushes feeding off the muck and slime around the fringe.Thanks for reading.


  1. I love that you still have the energy to get pissed off!

  2. There's a lot of rush to judgement nowadays.


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