Monday, March 28, 2011

Gettin Ready for Spring Fair


  1. Maybe blogger thought what you had to say was very important:)
    I am very envious of that white glaze, I was thinking last night that I need to start looking for a really good white and make some bowls, it never ends does it!

  2. Those stacked mugs are wonderful, and your kiln loading is to be envied. I posted my employee lounge for you to see he he. Tracey is right that is a really nice white and it contrasts nicely with the color of the clay; I like the turquoise color too.

  3. The white is the Hansen 20/20 base w/10% zircopax. The green is Xavier's Jade Green. Both recipes are on line.I think the contrast with the red clay really works with both of them.


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