Friday, June 18, 2010

First Seconds Sale

I got a call from Mike and Karen Baum the other day inviting me to join the seconds sale they are having this weekend and maybe next weekend if needed. Mike has been a professional potter for 30 years and my "firsts" will never be as good as his "seconds" so it was very generous of them to include me. My pots are on the near table and Mike's are on the rear table.Most seconds are priced at 60% to 70% off so there are great bargains to be had if you hurry.State route 350 just east of I-71 9 ish to 5 ish. No food, no free beer, no band but Mike will be throwing (in the nude when requested) and Karen will be charming.

Studio construction progresses slowly. I insulated this section of wall today and noted that the words "formaldehyde free"appear 17 times just in this one bay. They must be trying to tell me something.

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