Friday, January 15, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Our daughter Kate is getting married in April and has asked me to make pitchers to be part of the centerpieces for the tables.I have all of them thrown and just a couple glazed.This glaze is a version of Malcomb Davis Shino that I added Newman's red clay to. I really like the flashing where it is thin and the carbon trapping adds to the rustic look as well.She wants assorted glazes so I'll do 2 or 3 more like this then a couple of other glazes. I should have them pictured here in a month or so.

I also glazed and fired a kiln load of red clay pots this week and will be unloading them tomorrow.Some of the baking dishes are pre sold so I am really hoping for good results.I started a new kids group this week, agreed to fill in with the high school clay class Saturday, had a clay club meeeting, and am heading to a Tea Ceremony tomorrow to learn the nuances of tea bowl making. Tina is still in Florida so I'm here with Stuart and Blondie so it has been a little hectic.

The disaster of the week was the old faithful tv went out so I was forced to go out and buy a flat screen for the living room.I got to ditch the converter box and one of the remotes so that was good but I am having trouble finding time for the mandatory break in period of watching it 16 hrs a day for the first 30 days.

With the frigid weather and snow, studio construction has been on hold but we are expecting a break in the weather so hopefully the electrician will be able to start soon.Don't forget The Clay Affair at Maplecreek on the 23rd and 24th. Should be fun.


  1. You pitchers look great love the adapted Malcolm shino. I feel so bad you were forced to get a flat screen Ha! I hope to get one once we are moved. We're planning on moving too the southeast somewhere and Tennessee and Florida are on our list to check out; we're headed out there in our RV next week, so glad I found your blog via Jewels.

  2. Thanks for the comment.When you blog, sometimes it feels like sending radio waves into deep space. You never really know if anyone is out there.


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