Sunday, October 18, 2015

Yellow Springs

Yellow Springs Ohio is one of my favorite small towns. It is very relaxed and progressive. It's kind of the Berkley of the Midwest. There are lots of artists in the area and every fall for the last 15 years potter and ceramic artist Lisa Goldberg has organized an open studio tour which is always fun to attend. Loads of new work, guest artists, treats, and nice people. I went up yesterday but you can still go today. Tomorrow( Monday) guest artists Didem Mert and Jenny Mendez are putting on a tandem workshop at Cornell Clay in Dayton. If you can get away, it should be a lot of fun and a lot of knowledge. Both of them do some pretty spectacular work.

When I headed out yesterday I forgot my camera but I did bring home some treats to share with you.

Didem Mert

Lisa Goldberg

Naysan McIlhargey

Bruce Grimes.

Between the plumbing repair I told you about last time and general chores, I have also been working on a new ( old) song
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