Friday, October 16, 2015


Last night I came home about 9:30 and the kitchen faucet was dripping. I thought, " someone should fix that."Well. by morning, I had decided the old taps had seen better days so I might as well replace the faucets. Thus began a sequence of events that blends all my plumbing experiences with what is commonly called the DOMINO EFFECT. The smart plumber doesn't spend much time on his back, he pops out the sink, replaces the faucet set with a few turns of the wrist, puts down a bead of caulk and DONE. The smartest thing I could have done is let it drip. I went to Home Depot, bought a nice new faucet set and all the associated small parts I would need. When I got home and pulled the sink I was very proud of myself and pleased with how it was going. Then I noticed the underside of our 20 year old expensive composite sink looked like this.

It was too deep to epoxy and too bad to ignore. Back to Home Depot with Tina to pick out a sink. Nothing we liked, off to Lowes. Found a sink, bought every additional thing we could possibly need including extra 30 inch feed lines so I could extend the old ones and hook things up before I mounted the new sink. Got those fitted up and did a pressure test. The old lines leaked. Back to Lowes. Feed lines ok now. Time to mount sink. That is the end of working in a standing position. Try to connect the pipes under the sink. Drain from sink ends up about 1/2 inch to the left of the pipe coming out of the wall. Another trip to the store, leaks in the drain system. More trips up and down. Thank goodness Tina was home and helped run to the basement to turn on the main valve then turn it off again so I could chase another leak. I am exhausted. Nine hours and over $400 later, we have a drip free faucet with leak free drains. 


  1. so glad you got it all fixed, I know too well the domino effect in home repairs.

  2. Isn't home ownership fun? But now you have a nice new sink, faucet and no drips which should last a while!
    After the saga of the swimming pool this summer comes the temptation to pay untold amounts of money to others to do the job. Only a temptation as I don't have and never will have untold amounts of money!

  3. UGH. My one attempt to replace a faucet all went haywire. Since the water was turned off we had to call our plumber (did I mention it was Sunday during football season?) The super guy came right over and did his thing lickty split. The only thing that helped is that he said the part I bought was factory defective so at least it wan't ALL my fault....

    Glad you have it all fixed up! Looks terrific. And no leaks is a bonus. :)

  4. Seems to be the month for plumbing. We discovered a hissing sound while cleaning out from under our crawl space..... $200 later a small leak in the copper pipe was repaired, but we called the plumber. If we had done it, the bill would have probably been $2000 to fix what we messed up, haha! I respect plumbers and electricians more than any working man/woman out there!

  5. Plumbing is the worse. Our sink/faucet replacement took on a life of it's own last spring. Glad yours is completed, the new sink and faucet look great.


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