Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hi everyone. It has been cold in Ohio except for a couple of days last weekend then it got cold again. I think it is about 20 F outside I've had a cold for a couple of weeks but am finally recovering and coming back to life. Haven't felt like doing much so I didn't. I've made a few mugs and bowls but nothing exciting or much of it but hey, I'm not going to climb in the rankings of " Top Pottery Blogs " by posting once a month. I've been nominated by a couple of people to post pictures of 3 pots/day for 5 days on Facebook. Again, I didn't feel like doing it so I didn't. I have been teaching the Clay Monkeys on Tuesdays and a wheel class on Thursday. Both of these have been going well. I have one wheel student who took classes as a kid and a couple of times I subbed for her teacher and showed her some wheel tips but she had mainly done handbuilding. She is making altered casseroles in a wheel 1 class ! Another class member who started in Nov. is making mugs with nice sprigs on them and doing some pierced carving ! I better find a way to stay sharp.

My usual plan for Jan and Feb involves making a bunch of bisqueware, hopefully enough to take the pressure off this summer and fall when I am doing shows. I am a load or two behind with firing but basically I'm on track. I did get into a bunch of clay that was too wet to make jars and vases with so I switched  and started making plates. Soft clay, warm water and blues on the radio helped a dozen or so jump off the wheel yesterday. They are sitting on every available flat space until they get dry enough to trim which should be tomorrow. Then it will be time to make another batch. Some people don't like to make plates. One of the best potters I know confided once that she couldn't make a plate to save her life. I like making them and I love selling them. People may buy one mug and never come back. If they buy a plate, I know I will see them again and again !

Here are a couple of studio shots and a video of the first song I felt like singing after being sick.

Here is a link to the video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIyJ_AVkq4M


  1. Looks like you have been very productive despite having a cold. Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery.
    I really like to make plates too. I find they don't always sell quickly, but I keep making them!

  2. wow, you put me to shame, your plates are wonderful and the covered jars. wondering o you sell your plates in sets or separately? I feel like I am way behind; had such great plans but life does get in the way doesn't it. Your students sound like they are so inspiring how wonderful to be kept on your toes.

  3. Thanks Ladies. Linda, I sell plates singly but people usually buy 2,4, 6. or 8. they may buy all at once or a couple at a time. Then they need cereal bowls, mugs, etc.. Mine are pretty consistent year to year.

  4. Starting the day with a nice tune in my head! very nice.
    Ugh, plates. I have only made one, ever. It was actually kinda nice, my daughter has it. Way too much risk for me :)

  5. Looks like the elves have been busy in the studio! :) Hope you're not as snowed in as we are!


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