Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Week that Was

This week has been more pickin' than potting. I made that ridiculously large coffee cup that I posted last time, a crock, and some small bottles but really just fooled around finishing up some stuff. Things are stalled a bit while waiting for clay to dry. We have had storms almost every day this month and it is so humid a cup takes a week to dry. The studio is shaded and has a lot of insulation so it is not really hot in there but I'm going to have to get the AC in the window and running just to dry things out..

Tina was getting ready to take the new bus on a shakedown trip so there was a lot of time spent getting ready for that. We had to take the bus and the car across town to get the brake system that links the bus and the car when she is towing checked out. Then there was the tire pressure monitoring system, a blown fuse to trace down and assorted odds and ends to secure.She reports all is well and everything is working as it should.

I know I posted a song just a couple of weeks ago but if this blog is a record of what I've been doing, I should include the one I have been working on this week.I cut the size of the file so it should load quicker. Let me know if you have problems viewing. Or you can leave now. You've been warned.

If anyone is interested, it is AIN'T NO ASH WILL BURN by W. Aldridge. The chords are pretty simple if you want to play along.  I  Capo II

                                                     C           F           G    
                                                     C           F           G
                                                     Am        Em      
                                                     F            G            C
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  1. what about a dehumidifier, although ac makes it much more comfortable to work in. It's always something getting ready to travel.

  2. Thanks Linda. I already have the AC and dehumidifiers cost over $400. No brainer !

  3. Nice, you're pickin' I'm grinnin'

  4. Thanks Tracey. That's my plan. Whenever I sing some people smile, others just laugh out loud.


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